Training & Lecturing For College Campus Events

Pat O’Connor, founder & president of POC Media, has spent the past three decades navigating the ever-changing world of the music industry. His lectures have been well-received by both corporate and academic clients. When POC Media produces an on-campus concert, Pat O’Connor makes himself available for a day during the month of the show, to lecture in-person for your students at no-cost.


As background on Pat’s talks, from the early 1990’s when music was an album business, past the early 2000’s when iTunes made the industry a singles business, through the current era where streaming has increased the value of music licensing and changed the way record labels sign & develop artists, the music business has become a case study in adaptation & survival of the most creative. Pat discusses the music industry, the importance of flexibility and entrepreneurial courage, and the guided opportunities that lie within the entertainment business for the next generation of music moguls.


Pat’s experience, graduating from The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in biophysics, moving on to a marketing management role within Honeywell’s Process Controls division, and eventually the launching of POC Media, has provided a compelling narrative and a wealth of experience in applied entrepreneurial business development.


Pat has spent the past 30 years establishing & growing his company into a Leading Source of Alternative Media Distribution, from the development of in-arena & in-stadium broadcast of music videos, to the creation of the POC Media Music Licensing & Supervision System™ currently used by sports broadcast outlets that include FOX Sports, The NFL Network, NASCAR Productions, NBA Entertainment, MLB Network, NHL Productions, AT&T SportsNet, Big Ten Network (BTN), PAC12 Network, FSN, FS1, FS2, and Turner Sports among other broadcast entities.


Pat’s work in the integrated marketing world has included the development & execution of branded mobile marketing, social media, and consumer activation strategies for companies that include Coca-Cola, Heinz, Nestle, Sunoco, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Webasto, Cinnabon, Speedway Motorsports, Inc., NASCAR, Wrangler Jeanswear, and The Accor Hotel Group among other brands.


When POC Media produces an on-campus concert, Pat O’Connor provides free, in-person lectures for your students.