Travel Rider & Security Accommodations

Artist Travel, Tech & Hospitality-Riders, and Security Accommodations require an understanding of artist

needs & desires, as well as a command of contracts, industry standards, and areas of concession for artists, their managers, and their creative liaisons. With decades of experience in concert production and

entertainment-industry contract negotiations, POC Media is uniquely positioned to work with your team to secure the lowest artist fees, the most flexible tech & hospitality riders, the most favorable contingency plans, and the most concise contract terms to streamline & de-mystify the artist-agreement-negotiation process.


POC Media has decades of contract negotiation experience. In fact, POC Media has actually developed

many of the short-form performance & broadcast agreements currently in use by:

  • CAA (Creative Artists)

  • ICM (Int’l Creative Mgt)

  • Walmart


  • NBA Entertainment

  • WME (William Morris/Endeavor)

  • FSN

  • Universal Music Group

  • Regional Convention Centers

  • The Warner Music Group

  • Paradigm Agency

  • APA Agency

  • MLB Network

  • Several Universities

  • Int’l Speedway Corp

  • UTA (United Talent)

  • FOX Sports

  • AT&T Networks

  • NFL Network

  • The CIAA

                                                                         . . . among others . . .


POC Media provides a creative win-win paradigm for negotiations and implementation.